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Driveline NEW.png

Driveline Services

Whether you own a 4x4 or a compact car, we at Auto Experts can troubleshoot your vehicles wobble, and possibly even get rid of that wiggle. Common signs of possible driveline failure can be humming, wobbles and or wiggles.


Battery Life

When was the last time you had your battery checked? There are many factors that determine the life of your car battery.

So you have to ask yourself: "Do you feel lucky?"

Inspection NEW.png

Vehicle Inspection

As a fully licensed Alberta Vehicle Inspection facility we can provide you with peace of mind ensuring your vehicle is safe for you and your loved ones to drive.

Auto Experts provides Out of Province Inspections, Insurance Safety Inspections, Used Car Buyer Inspections and more.

Emission NEW.png

Emission Services

Do people tell you that you stink? It may not be you. A rotten smell coming from your vehicle could be a sign of your vehicles Catalytic Converter failing, this can lead to problems down the road and is a simple repair that can save you money.

Brakes NEW.png

Brake Services

Possibly one of the most critical safety component in your car, when you press on your brake pedal is it squishy? Does it squeal? Pull to a side? Are there any vibrations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or just want us to provide you with peace of mind Auto Experts offers free vehicle brake inspections.


We Carry Tires

Did you know that Auto Experts carries ALL brands of tires. Why waste your time going to the tire shop when we can take care of you RIGHT HERE!

Oil NEW.png

Oil Changes

Changing your cars oil and filter is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car tip-top. Over time, oil deteriorates and the filter will become clogged with contaminants.

Your vehicles oil should be changed every 6000km (depending on vehicle and driving habits)

Tune Up NEW.png

Tune Ups

Poor fuel economy, check engine light on? This may mean your vehicle just needs a tune up. Auto Experts of Calgary can give your car or truck a once over with their diagnostic tools to ensure your car is running to OEM specs.

Looking to save fuel? Ensure your vehicles O2 sensor is functioning properly!

Steering NEW.png

Steering & Suspension

Do you think your tires are wearing a little faster than they should? Do you hear a clunk when their shouldn't be?

Your vehicles steering and suspension system help you stay in control, and keep your car on the road. Auto Experts has the team, knowledge, and charisma to service those clunks that your vehicle shouldn't be making.

Winterization NEW.png

Vehicle Winterization

Are you ready to put Marietta away for the winter? Not sure what additives to add?

Whether your storing your '68 Dart, or 2015 Hellcat at Auto Experts we know how to prepare your vehicle for Alberta's harsh climate.

Electrical NEW.png

Electrical Diagnostics

Did you know that the average new car has 41km of wiring? With the right tools and knowledge we can diagnose your cars problem.

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